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"Design: Logo" Book, by Paul Howalt & Von Glitschka

"Design: Logo" Book, by Paul Howalt & Von Glitschka

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An Exploration of Marvelous Marks, Insightful Essays, and Revealing Reviews

Don't miss out on this wildly attractive collection of logo design eye candy and insightful analysis!  "Design: Logos" - authored by Paul Howalt and Von Glitschka, presents and studies some of the most irresistible logos designed over the last century. This book is packed complete with close to 300 pages of Galleries, Essays and Analysis of some of the most compelling Logos ever created.

From the introduction:  "We can all respect the heritage of the ubiquitous logos of corporate giants such as Samsung, McDonald’s, Walmart, Facebook, IBM, and Sony; but as designers, we realize that so many marks for large entities show obvious signs of being pushed, pulled, strangled, and beaten into creative submission and sterility. No matter how much the initial brief may tout the brand as being personable and able to provide an emotional connection to a community, the logo ends up reflecting none of the human qualities it brags about. The resulting logo ends up being merely an expensive, impotent placeholder, unoffensive yet uninspiring. This book is not about any of these.

On the other hand, there are logos that grab us by the eyeballs, endear our senses, hug our souls and don’t let go..."  

To read on, buy the book today and let the inspiration smack you square between the eyeballs!

If you want me to sign & personalize the book... Just email me at to let me know who to dedicate the inscription to. 

P.S. - This makes a FANTASTIC birthday or holiday gift for ANY Designer you know! 

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